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The 6 Steps Of Buying A Home!

1. Find a reputable buyer’s agent.

The first step involves researching what agent is the right fit for you. Do your homework on the agents you decide to interview. Check out their reviews and online reputation. Searching for a home can be a lot of fun and one of my favorite things to do, but when the time comes to get serious about buying a home, you need an experienced buyer’s agent in your corner. Real estate agents can be both seller’s and buyer’s specialists: As your buyer’s agent, I will work hard for you, represent your best interests, and ensure your goals are met throughout the homebuying process. I take pride in excellent client communication. There are many challenges with buying a home, and as your buyer’s agent, I will help you navigate these steps with ease.

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2. Pre Approval

When working toward the goal of purchasing a home, the second step is to speak with a Loan Officer regarding acquiring a loan with a Mortgage company. If you’re purchasing cash, you will need a Proof of Funds letter from your banking institution. What this does is verify your purchasing power as a Buyer based on your specific financials and set the proper expectations to narrow down which area and neighborhood your budget will allow you to focus your efforts. This is an important step in the home buying process, as Sellers will take your offer more seriously.

I have several excellent local lender recommendations depending on your needs. In this highly competitive Seller’s market, it is imperative to have a responsive lender available on weekends. When we find your home, we will need to present your offer with a pre-approval letter.

Once you’ve been approved and understand what price point you want to stay in, I will help you figure out the properties that match your goals choice by using the (MLS) Multiple Listing Service system to locate them.

3. Create a list of the needs and wants for your new home.

The third step in the process of buying a new home is to think about the reasons you’d like to purchase a home. Now, write down what type of house you’d like and the location you’d like to live. Make it clear. Sort those “must-haves” from the “want to have.”

Consider home designs. What size home do you need? Do you require the use of a single-level home, or do you want a multi-level home with stairs? Take into consideration the style and size of your new home. Do you want to purchase a new construction home or a newer property that’s already built, or an older home in an established subdivision that might need a few updates to make your own? Think about how long you’d like to remain in your house.

Decide what cities are areas of interest, moving from general requirements to the more specific ones. Think about neighborhoods and communities. Your commute to work is essential take into consideration how long you’re willing to drive how bad is traffic going to be along your route.

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4. We have found the one! Offering:

I will work alongside you and advise you as my client on drafting an offer that has acceptable and competitive terms. I, as your agent, will run “comps” or comparables that will show us what similar houses in the area are recently being sold for on our database called the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. Comps or comparables will assist us in getting an idea of whether or not the seller is asking a right price for their home. This, along with your agent’s advice based on experience, can aid you in negotiating a fair price and terms for your offer.

5. Offer Accepted.

With every offer submitted on a property, the goal is for your offer to be the most competitive and be appealing enough for the seller to accept. However, oftentimes your offer will not be accepted right away. There is usually an exchange of counter offers between the Buyer and Seller in attempts to come to a mutual agreement, which is the first step of negotiations I as your Buyer’s Agent am working hard for you on your behalf. Each and every real estate deal has many steps of negotiation throughout the process, from contract to close. This is why I’m a dedicated, full time Realtor to assist you in negotiations from start to finish!

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6. Home Inspection and Contingencies

Once we are through the first step of negotiations and your offer has been accepted, I will then assist you in working through your offer’s contingencies.

The most common contingencies within a contract are your Inspection and Appraisal. I have a list of great local inspectors I can recommend, from roofing to septic and everything else in between.

Since the need to come to a mutual agreement will continue throughout the transaction, I’m here to fight for you and walk you through the inspection report and advise you based on my years of experience. Your inspection could uncover unseen issues with the home that will need to be taken care of, leading into the next step of negotiations. My goal is to help you avoid any potential issues that could come up along the way, and set you up for sucess in your home purchase. 

7. Closing and Beyond!

Getting to the final home closing table with all the processes and moving parts can be a bit confusing. This is why I work with the top title and closing professionals located in the mid-Tennessee area. My goal is to make sure everything proceeds as smoothly as it can so that closing day can give you have peace, clarity, and keys to your new house.

One of the few things I appreciate more than working with buyers is working with clients for the second time when they become sellers. I work very hard to ensure that your experience was so smooth, this complex process looks easy. So when the time comes, we can look forward to working together again. 

If you have any questions at all on any of these steps, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I love to hear from my past clients! I will be here for you long after the transaction is closed.

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Greater Nashville Area City Search!

Have you made the decision that now is time to begin the fun and exciting adventure to find your next home. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time buying a home or vacation home, retirement property or an investment property. I will make the home buying experience enjoyable and educational keeping you informed from start to finish. Together we will find your dream home with my market experience and expertise we will navigate this challenging market.  I am fully dedicated to to get you in your new home as smoothly as possible!

A home purchase is one of the largest financial decisions most people make and is a major part of your lifestyle. The majority of homeowners only own a handful of different of houses. I will make sure you are armed and ready with the latest information so you can make the right decision for you and your family. I am prepared to help you through each and every step of the process of buying your next home. As a third generation realtor in Franklin, TN I take pride in fully educating my clients as well as fiercely fighting for your best interests throughout the transaction.

As your Buyer’s Agent, I can make the process of searching for your new home far more fun and efficient than if you were to do it all by yourself. I am here to assist you with teaming up with the right lender, help you determine your purchasing power, and prioritize a list of specific criteria that you would like in your next home. I’ll save you precious time by locating the properties that are custom-tailored to your requirements. When you have found “The One!”, I’ll look at recent sales of comparable properties in the area to determine the right offer. Then, I’ll negotiate with the seller to make sure you get the best price and terms. It’s my duty to ensure that your best interests are made #1. I will be available to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding the buying and closing process.

Helping Good People Find Exceptional Homes!

My Service To You As Your Realtor

Buying your new home can be such a thrill! It is potentially one of the biggest purchases one will make, and the largest asset you will own. You need an experienced buyers agent on your side. If you don’t have the proper people and tools by your side, it can prove to be quite unnerving. Let me make your next real estate transaction stress-free, so you can focus on the fun part of choosing a home!

What You Can Expect As My Client

  As your full-time agent, I’ll be available to answer all of your questions, phone calls, emails or texts.

  • Assist you in getting to the right lender for pre-approval to determine budget and purchasing power.

  • Help you locate a home in your desired area with as many of your needs and wants as we can attain.

  • Negotiate the best offer based on a CMA and market trends.

  • Suggest several tried-and-trusted home inspectors.

  • Be present for your home inspection.

  • Negotiate any repair requests based on the home inspection findings.

  • Communicate with you and the Sellers’ agent throughout the transaction.

  • Monitor your loan approval status.

  • Finalize all details for a smooth closing.

  • Buyers’ final walkthrough, a final inspection to make sure the property is still in the same condition as when it was inspected.

I’m here for you as your advisor and advocate as your buyers agent during the entirety of the home-buying process, from reviewing contracts and presenting the right offer price, to closing the deal. Together, we can make your dreams come home.


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