Are You Considering A Career In Real Estate?

Why Exit Realty King & Associates?

Are you considering a career in real estate? Exit Realty King & Associates offers excellent training classes and coaching. Something that I think sets us apart from the rest is that we offer very extensive in-person training on a weekly basis for both new and seasoned agents, as well as online training that you have access to 24/7. At Exit Realty King & Associates, we take pride in the creation of the best-trained Realtors in the Middle Tennessee area. At Exit Realty King & Associates, we are proud of the fact that we have one of the highest sales volumes per agent within our Southeast Region!


“Good agents are born, great agents are TRAINED!”


We offer the tools for each Affiliate Broker, novice or seasoned and professional alike, to become skillfully-trained in all aspects of property transactions. A number of the industry’s Top Producers are working with EXIT and teach our practices. Structured to eliminate worries and hesitations that have left many real estate agents with average results in their careers, the MIND-SET and training Programs of EXIT include strong negotiating to strategic planning as well as personality profiles. No matter what your real estate experience level, there’s a training program available to you to help you move to the next level. When you combine your aspirations with EXIT, you’re making a wise decision to stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals! 

Working With Exit Realty King & Associates


Have you noticed that many real estate agencies say they’re the “greatest for ALL Realtors,” best training, best name, and best office?


We can all agree that most of these have something great about them. We’re fortunate in this area to have in our lineup some of the most fired-up brokerages that are always looking for more agents to mold into top-producers. The reality is that NO ONE real estate agency is great for all agents, and I recommend you always interview at least 3 before making your decision. Make sure to ask them about their desk fees, transaction fees, cost for training/mentorship, and if they offer a residuals/bonus program. 


We recognize that everybody has unique needs to make their business run like clockwork. Here at EXIT Realty King & Associates, we always have time to have a detailed conversation about your goals, fiscal, and training needs. We expect to teach you the multitude of our Real Estate Agent driven options that enable you to create a very successful real estate career with our guidance, help and a maintain the best environment for you to grow and succeed. 

Tools And Technology

With a brokerage like ours, your success matters. That is why we encourage our staff by providing them with a fantastic contact management solution that is a valuable tool in generating leads and can help convert your prospects into closed transactions, and creating prospects for our agents.


· You can opt-in to receive active leads in your area from CINC; our integrated, lead-generating website that is SEO optimized for real-time MLS updates. Our Broker runs an extensive ad campaign that helps get more leads in for our office.


· With this CRM Platform, you have the ability to monitor what properties your leads are searching for and what trends continue in their home search.  You can see how often they search and which properties, price ranges and neighborhoods they are most interested in. 


· Convert prospects to closed business using CINC’s in-built contact management option with direct notification, automated campaigns, e-mail and web access.


Let’s Talk Commission!


Take a look below at a few of the things we offer and compare them to what other agencies have to offer. If you have any questions and would like to chat, I am always here to help, you can reach me on my cell at (615) 490-4953. Or email me through the contact form on the bottom of this page. I look forward to hearing from you! 


70%/30% base commission splits with the possibility for 90%/10%


This split also has very low monthly overhead or fees. We believe in every agent having complete control over their business and in which they would like to invest their cash to advertise and expand the business they have created. Mentoring and training are included with no additional fees. There is always somebody in our team of experienced agents ready to help you with any questions you may have along the way! 


10% Sponsoring Residuals


When you sponsor a new agent to Exit, each real estate transaction that they successfully close creates earnings to you that is equivalent to 10 percent of their gross commissions earned by the recruit, payable to the individual who sponsored them. The bonus will be paid through the head office of EXIT Realty, rather than subtracted from the new recruit’s commissions. And it lasts for as long as the agent is working for Exit. Pretty cool, right? 


7% Retirement Residuals


If you decide to retire from selling real estate, a “pension plan” is made in the network that he or she has created. Also, the retiring salesperson keeps the privilege of growing this retirement plan while retired by continuing to sponsor in new agents. 


5% Beneficiary residuals


The sponsoring bonuses you’ve created turn into a beneficiary providing added benefits that are passed on to your loved ones.


With EXIT Residuals, it is possible to earn far more than 100 percent!


The more people you sponsor into EXIT, the more you raise your income. EXIT Realty annually pays out many millions of dollars in residual commissions as a continuous “thank you” for helping build the brand.


You can get a more detailed understanding of how this all works by the helpful whiteboard video below!.

The Time Is Now!


Isn’t it about time that you thought about the future of your real estate career and goals? Contact me to meet up and chat over some coffee, I can answer all your questions about a new EXCITING career with EXIT Realty King & Associates. You’ll be very glad you did!

Our office is very successful in working with buyers and sellers online, we also enjoy working with all of our friends, present and future in the real estate business and love to help people buy and sell their properties. Contact me today and lets discuss your exiting career in real estate and with Exit Realty King & Associates! 

Lets Talk Real Estate!

Spring Hill Tn Realtor- Elizabeth Leanza

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