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The 9 Steps To Selling Your Home!

1. Find The Right Real Estate Agent

The process of selling your home is not an easy one, this is why it’s essential to choose the right real estate agent in Franklin who knows what it takes to sell your home. Price, Preparation, and a strong marketing plan are the core aspects your agent must be a master of all to maximize the value of your home.

If you choose to work with me, you will receive the benefits of an award-winning 3rd generation Realtor who has a passion for Real Estate. I guess you can say it’s in my DNA. You need an agent who utilizes the most recent trends in marketing, using the latest digital technology and is a master of advertisement. Your property needs to reach the most Buyers as possible. My communication skills will keep you constantly in the loop; if you have any questions, I am always just a phone call away. I take pride in informing my clients about all aspects of the real estate process. I make it a high priority to keep my sellers up to date on all parts of the process.

Check out all of my reviews and give me a call to set up a virtual meeting or at my office in Franklin to see if we are a good fit.

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2. Determine Market Value Based On Recent Comparables.

We will start by doing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to show you what your home is worth in the current market. Based on recent sales and trends this will better assist us with determining the right price for your home, as this is a important step in the listing process. List it too high and it sits for too long on the market, potentially costing you precious time and the highest and best price for your property, list it right and you will have a flood of buyers fighting over it.

3. Assess Your Homes Condition And Go Over Needed Repairs!

We will do a walkthrough of your home and assess it’s overall condition and determine what updates and repairs are needed to result in the home being ready for its closeup. Im here to assist you in selling your house faster and without a lot of hassle. I will walk you through the most essential elements you’ll need to make your home ready to attract the most buyers and then sell at the top of the market. You’ll have a solid competitive edge in selling your home by enlisting the use of my services.

 By doing an evaluation of your home to assess and discuss any potential problems we will go over in detail what is needed to repair and update. This will ensure your home is ready to stand out.

I have a variety of trusted professionals who are ready to assist you in preparing or upgrading your home for a maximum return on investment.

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4. Staging Your Home For Impact!

As an Accredited Staging Professional® (ASP), and I can suggest how to properly stage your home with your existing decorations to create the highest impact and maximum results. 88% of Staged houses sell at or above list price, and SELL on average in 10.3 days versus 84.6 days for non-Staged houses. 

Click the link for more information about home staging.

Take a look at my fun staging video for some staging statistics.

5. Photography And Video Marketing

My in house media team will deliver a Comprehensive advertising campaign with professional photographs, well designed marketing material and video using the latest technology. This includes high resolution HDR photos both daytime and twilight for the exterior for dramatic effect, drone photos, a video walkthrough tour of your home with titles pointing out your homes best features to make a lasting impression to all potential buyers. One of the advantages of having my media in house is we can turnaround our presentation same day if needed.

I will Develop a personalized marketing strategy for your property including a coming soon campaign, strong organic SEO, social media and sponsored paid ads to promote your property to the widest possible audience and bring in the most potential Buyers and offers.

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6. Showings

Now that we have your home looking like a star it will be listed on the market for sale, real estate agents can call to set up a showing for your home at anytime. Maintaining your home in constant show-ready condition can be difficult, particularly if you have pets and children.

Make sure to make the home feel inviting to prospective Buyers, Keep the home at a comfortable temperature, turn all the lights on and open up blinds and curtains. 

Sometimes showings happen at inconvenient times. So be prepared to tidy up in a hurry. Be sure to pick up items such as cups, clothing, dog toys and beds, and anything else left lying around. If you take the steps to ensure your house  shows well you will be rewarded by good offers.

Be sure to eliminate temptation. Remove valuable items such as jewelry, cash, and collectables to a safe location. It is also important to store your prescription medicine and private financial documents securely.   

 Potential buyers can’t tour your home without a licensed agent present. It’s important that the interested Buyers see the home freely and without the homeowners present as they can often feel rushed if the seller is present this can potentially deter them from offering.

 7. Negotiation

Upon receiving offers, I will negotiate with the buyer’s agent to reach an acceptable agreement for both parties. I will help you understand all of the ups and downsides of each offer we receive. After we talk, I will handle the negotiating and prepare all the paperwork. The offer will contain contingencies and be subject to a home inspection, so during this period, you will need to be able to let their home inspector visit your home for a few hours to conduct their inspections. 

Their offer may also contain a financing contingency; in that case, the bank’s appraiser will need to come out to assess your home as well. I will handle all of the scheduling and assist with providing them access to your home. Another piece of negotiations may include doing repairs based on the inspector’s findings. 

We will negotiate with the buyers until we reach an acceptable agreement for both parties if repairs are needed. In the case of repairs, you would need to have the agreed-upon items repaired or offer money-back depending on the agreement. Upon final walkthrough, the buyer will inspect the home to ensure the repairs have been made.

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8. Contingency Periods

Now that we have a contract on the house, we have to get through the contingency periods of the agreement. This can include many little steps that will vary for every home. The most common contingincies are: Inspection, Appraisal, Loan and Sale of home. The buyer will want to do their due diligence during this period, to ensure your home is in an acceptable condition to them.

Here are some of the steps that the buyer will undertake during this period:

Buyers independent Home Inspections.

Possible Radon Testing.

Review Insurance History and pull all applicable covenants and deed restrictions.

Any other documents related to the property.

9. Closing

Finally, the day we have worked hard together to achieve is here! no need to worry about the small details, I’ll take care of them. Before we go to your homes closing I will let you know everything you need to bring and do to ensure a smooth stress free closing.

Congratulations on the sale of your home!

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Together We Will Get Your House

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