Relocating From CA To TN

Considering Moving From California To Tennessee ?

Are You Considering Moving From California To Tennessee ?

Relocating From CA To TN

Perks of Relocating From California To Tennessee!

Yep, you read the title right. If you’re a Californian interested in moving out of state, you should consider heading out east to live in beautiful Tennessee. I made the choice almost 4 years ago, and I am so happy that we did!

Now, the question at the forefront of your mind is probably, “Why Tennessee?”

If you’re unfamiliar, Tennessee is a state located just over 1,800 miles to the east of California. Nashville is the capital, which is known as “Music City” and is the country music capital of the world. Tennessee is also known for the Great Smoky Mountain range and three major rivers, including the Mississippi, that run through it. 

Now sure, living in California has its perks, but you may find that living in Tennessee could be even better for both your family and your wallet.

For just a second, imagine a mortgage payment that is significantly less money for much more house. Imagine a commute to work that includes far less bumper-to-bumper traffic. Imagine living in a state with lower taxes, friendly people, gorgeous nature all around, with both big cities and small towns to explore. Nashville Tn Homes For Sale   Spring Hill Tn is one for that list, and also the city we decided to settle down and purchase our home. If any of that appeals to you, Tennessee may very well be your future home!

Why Move To Tennessee?

There are many benefits to moving to “The Volunteer State.” (Fun fact: this nickname was earned during the War of 1812 where thousands of Tennessee volunteer soldiers played a prominent role in the war.) A few of the benefits to Tennessee-living, and just some of the reasons why we decided to move here include the following:

Cost of Living

As a California native born and raised, I can attest personally how expensive it is to live in the Golden State. One of the many reasons that prompted myself and my husband’s move here was the affordable cost of living, especially in comparison to California. The cost of living in Tennessee is significantly cheaper than it is in California.

According to the recent “America’s 10 Most Expensive States to Live in 2019” report done by CNBC; California is listed as the second most expensive state in the United States. Tennessee is usually ranked as one of the most affordable states. Tennessee has low home prices, one of the lowest income tax rates in the nation, and a thriving job market as well. What more could you ask for?

Home Prices

According to recent data from NAR – The National Association of Realtorsthe current median price of homes listed in the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area is $279,700. The current median price of homes listed in California is $549,000 That means that most Tennessee homes are listed at almost half of the median price of homes in California right now!

You can often get a large house on a decent amount of land in the Tennessee suburbs for the same price as a small apartment in a California city.


Food expenses vary from city to city in each state. However, to get a basic idea, a gallon of milk will run you about $2.70 in Nashville, while the cost of a gallon of milk in Los Angeles is about $3.81. And milk isn’t the only grocery item that will cost you more in California. Almost all food items, including eggs, produce and meats, will be less expensive in Tennessee.


As for gas prices, according to gasbuddy California has the most expensive gas prices in the United States with an average cost of $3.70. (Are you noticing the trend of California having some of the most expensive prices in the country?) Tennessee is quite a bit cheaper, with gas prices lately around $2.33 on average.


Last but definitely not least, it’s important to consider how the tax rates compare in TN and CA. The 2019 State Marginal Individual Income Tax Rates are as follows: California has a top marginal rate of 13.3% (the highest in the nation) while Tennessee has 0 state income tax.

You Won’t Miss the Water

As a Californian, you’re used to the 840 miles of coastline that the state offers. The thought of moving to a landlocked state may concern you if you’re a big water-lover.

But hey, there’s no need to be concerned! Tennessee is home to three major rivers (the Mississippi, the Tennessee and the Cumberland) with hundreds of miles of navigable waterways. There are also over 1,300 lakes and reservoirs, so you can participate in many different water recreation activities, from white water rafting to swimming and from boating to bass fishing. With so much water all around, you won’t miss the ocean too much.

There’s plenty of nature to enjoy throughout the state. In addition to all the water, you also have the Great Smoky Mountains to the east – perfect for all kinds of recreation including camping, hunting, and hiking.

The Weather is Usually Great

Speaking of water, Tennessee has an average of 53 inches of rain each year, more than double the average in California! If you’re not a fan of the droughts in California, this is another great reason to move.

California is known for its nice weather year-round, but Tennessee weather won’t be too hard to adjust to. The climate in Tennessee is still very temperate, with warm summers and mild winters.

You Can Still Enjoy City Life

You don’t have to leave city life behind when you move to Tennessee. Although there are a few large cities to choose from, Nashville is one of the most popular. Nashville is the country music capital of the world and offers plenty of excitement for everyone in the family, with lots of restaurants, shopping, museums, history, and concerts. Even leaving San Francisco and Los Angeles behind, you’ll still find plenty of excitement in Nashville, Memphis and more.

There Are Fewer People

California is overly crowded. Most areas, especially cities like Los Angeles, are practically teeming with people. Currently, the population in CA is a whopping 39.56 million! This breaks down to a population density of approximately 254 people per square mile. In comparison, TN has a population of 6.8 million and about 164 people per square mile, which is significantly less.

A lot of California can seem very hectic and crowded, especially in the larger cities. If you’re not a fan of the hustle and bustle and want to live somewhere with a slower pace better quality of life and more open space, Tennessee just might be the right option for you.

There’s Less Traffic

Because the population density is much lower in Tennessee, there is far less traffic as well. Los Angeles is known for traffic that you can be stuck in for hours each day. Luckily, the traffic in Tennessee is not nearly as bad and you will likely find that your daily commute is drastically shorter.

All in all, Tennessee is a great place to live, whether you’re young and single, raising a family, or retiring. Because of all the benefits mentioned above, it should certainly be a state you consider moving to. Need assistance in relocating here? Allow me as your local Real Estate Expert  to help you make your move as smooth as possible!

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