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Franklin’s current prominence is sometimes associated with history. Preservation of the past is evident, from Civil War battlefields to old stores to a restored factory. Franklin’s past is evident and accessible, with tours of plantations, walks across battlefields, and strolls along Main Street. History isn’t the only factor that makes this attractive place so exceptional. Franklin, a half-hour drive from Nashville, is close enough to the hustle and bustle of the big city yet convenient enough to shift into a quieter gear.

Whatever classical music you hear, there’s a hint of country. That could be one of the reasons celebrities prefer to stay in Franklin or nearby Leiper’s Fork. At Realty One Group, we seamlessly blend with the area and enjoy all it offers. Best of all, Elizabeth Leanza and her team are in the real estate industry, and no other place feels at home like Franklin. We understand the community’s needs, from first-time home buyers to those looking to invest in property.

Our goal is always to arm our clients with as much invaluable information as possible. If anything, Franklin wouldn’t be as blossoming or conducive. With the trust clients place in us, we’ve been able to take them on tours of the area. Here are our top favorite places that you should consider visiting;

Brentwood, TN

Brentwood’s immaculate skyline draws you in without taking away the sense of true culture and belonging that gives this city its note of grandeur. Consider the southern warmth combined with a dynamic environment; you’ll love this special piece of Williamson County. The neighborhood offers a mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment with that distinctive Tennessee charm. Take a hike around the Marcella Vivrette Smith Picnic Area or Crockett for some recreation.
Culinary offerings include elegant and hearty dishes, beef and tri-tip, and a slice of something healthy and refreshing like local milkshakes and desserts. At fabulously chic tables like Puffy Muffin, Wild Iris, and The Perch, you’ll be impressed that you’ll be looking for a chef to ask for their recipe book.

Spring Hill, TN

Spring Hill, Tennessee, founded in 1837, is located 30 miles south of Nashville. The city borders Williamson and Maury counties. Spring Hill combines the rugged Tennessee countryside, historic mansions and trails, emerging businesses, and housing developments.
Spring Hill attracts guests with various fascinating attractions: The city offers a great combination of modern and old, framed by renovated old farmland and old country estates. It’s also home to many fantastic restaurants serving delicious Southern cuisine.
Explore the sprawling Greek Revival house, stroll the battlefield and take a trip to the old country estate. You can also explore The Crossings of Spring Hill, a business center that offers a diverse array of shopping and dining.

Nashville, TN

Nashville is a city that never loses sight of its heritage. Music City lives up to its name, whether you want to experience honky-tonk musicians at Tootsie’s Orchid, composers at the Bluebird Cafe, or country music luminaries at the Jolly Ol Opry. Nashville is a city constantly bursting with energy. Thanks to its creative spirit, it’s home to chef-driven restaurants, modern museums and galleries, and a burgeoning fashion industry. Pick up some sizzling chicken and join in the festivities.

La Vergne, TN

La Vergne, a rapidly growing town, is just outside the city limits of Nashville. The first inhabitants were French. Historians believe the name -La Vergne-, which translates to “green,” refers to the lush, green meadows of the region. Since the Civil War era, La Vergne, like other areas in Middle Tennessee, has been alternately occupied by the Confederates and the Union. Today, the city is home to the state’s largest industrial area and is a popular headquarters for multinational companies, including Ingram Books, Bridgestone, Singer Sewing Factory, and Whirlpool Corporation.

Smyrna, TN

Smyrna, Tennessee, is about a 20-minute drive from Nashville. It is a community of greenery that combines its historical past with numerous modern services. Visit the Sam Davis Home, an 1810 tourist attraction where tourists can learn about the history of slavery. The Captain Jeff Kuss USMC Memorial commemorates the sad event that killed Smyrna airmen. World Report recently named Smyrna among the top ten places Americans spend their retirement.

Aside from its rich past, Smyrna today offers world-class health care, a growing public greenbelt network, local neighborhood support, and stable employment. The Nissan plant is still in operation today.

Elizabeth enjoys keeping abreast of new market developments and keeping her clients’ long-term interests in mind. She offers a listening ear, is a capable advisor, and is a firm but impartial advocate when making real estate investment decisions. She is always happy to serve real estate investments in Spring Hill and throughout Middle Tennessee. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you.

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