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Relocating to Nashville, TN?

Are you considering moving to Nashville TN?

If relocating to Nashville TN is on your list, take a look into why you're not alone!

Moving to Nashville

Nashville Is Know As Music City

Nashville Tennessee, affectionately coined as “Music City” is most widely known for its deep-rooted history in the music industry. A lot of music stars we know today got their start in and around this very city, and it continues to grow with more musicians flocking to Middle Tennessee each year. Along Broadway Street downtown, live music can be heard from just about every establishment you walk past. But Nashville isn’t just about Country Music and hot chicken (although we do love it!), it’s a flourishing city that is growing by the hundreds each day within numerous different industries.

Nashville Is Growing Fast

Did you know? Nashville and its surrounding cities ranked as # 7 on the list of America’s Fastest Growing Cities. To break this down even further, between July 2010 and July 2018 The United States Census Bureau calculated the growth to be 6.7% in that timeframe. Doesn’t sound like a lot? That’s over 425,000 people, an average of roughly 53,000 people each year, and over 140 people each day!

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Eat, Drink, & be Entertained!

Why are so many folks moving here? With many companies and industries moving their businesses here, the job market and economic growth are ever- increasing. Live music and entertainment can be found just about anywhere, artisan restaurants and bars are plentiful, enjoy all four seasons with mild winters, and beautiful scenery with parks and hiking trails are a short distance away. Nashville has also been rated within the top Friendliest Cities in the US.

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Just Outside the City

Nashville is a lively city with a lot to offer, but let’s say city-life isn’t your shot of whiskey cup of tea. There are many wonderful neighboring towns and cities with just about as much to offer, but in a more quiet setting.

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A Taste of the Country

Spring Hill, TN being one, just 35 minutes south of the city of Nashville, and gives you the more community-oriented atmosphere you may be looking for. It’s actually what we like to call a “big-small” town with about 45,000+ people (and growing) residing in the city, without sacrificing the historic Southern charm and small-town feel. Spring Hill is home to many great Mom n’ Pop restaurants and boutiques, parks and walking trails, antique shopping and summer Farmer’s Markets, and a lot of family-fun outdoor events here and nearby throughout the year. It has also been rated # 2 Safest City in Tennessee.

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Investing in your Future

But what about the affordability of Real Estate? The current Nashville housing market continues in an upward climb, although we are starting to see a more favorable market towards sellers What does this mean? More housing inventory means more choices, and potentially more room on price negotiations for those looking to purchase a home in the area. That’s not to say it isn’t a great time to sell your home, either. With more and more people moving here daily, the demand for listed homes is still high. If a move to the Nashville area is in your future, I would love to be your relocation expertWhether you’re looking to buy or sell your next home, I am here as your guide and advisor from start to finish. Contact me today for a free consultation and allow me to Help Your Dreams Come Home! 

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