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How To Make Sure You Have The Right Buyers Agent!

How to Pick The Best Buyers Agent

Buyers agent spring hill tn

Things Your Buyer Agent Needs To Do For You!

Attempting to purchase a home without having a skilled Realtor also known as a buyers agent in this article, is a choice that can be a quite expensive and risky proposition. Using a buyer’s agent will reduce the stress and smooth out the many bumps that may occur in the home buying process. A Realtor will arrange for you to visit the properties that you want to see and will work with you to pick homes that meet your requirements. Your buyer’s agent will guide you expertly through the process from start to finish.  The best thing of all as a home buyer using a realtor is free to you as the seller picks up the bill. 

(helpful hint: make sure the agency you choose does not have excessive transaction fees or agency fees that you have to pay at closing. ALWAYS ask the agents you interview about their agency fees if any. You do not want this to be a surprise to you when you reach the closing table) 

How would buyers know what the duties of their Realtor are in the process of buying a home? and what happens throughout the transaction? Not all agents/brokers are alike, and they might have approaches that are significantly different from each other, but every buyer’s agent should always thoroughly explain the process to you and keep your best interests as a top priority. 

The First Appointment

The initial appointment that you have with your buyers agent should be mostly centered on you talking and the agent doing the listening. You need to feel comfortable in discussing every one of your thoughts, concerns and the must haves along with your I would like to haves. Is a remodeled kitchen with all the bells and whistles a necessity? Tell the agent exactly what you want so that you don’t end up wasting time and being shown houses that are a bad match. When you and your agent have fully discussed what you are looking for and are happy with your list of what would be the perfect home for you. Next both of you should spend some time going over the way the current market is (buyers or seller’s market) behaving and trending, the level of inventory available for your home search and what you can expect throughout the full home buying transaction. 

How Much Home Can I Afford?

One of the most difficult tasks is to come to terms with is your budget and how much home you can afford that closest matches your wants and requirements. In order to make sure that you can afford the homes you look you will need to meet with a lender and get pre-approved. Your agent can recommend several good lenders if you do not already have one. This must happen before you look at any homes for sale. This determines your budget and makes sure the homes you are shown are within your price range.

When you have a pre-approval letter and amount, the fun begins as you and your agent then start searching for the perfect house within your budget. 

Location may be one of the most critical variables when it comes to buying a home. Your buyer’s agent needs to be equipped with the essential information to inform you about each of the pros and cons related to every community you look at. They need to have the ability to inform you where you can discover the closest and the best colleges, or daycare facilities, how far it would be to the nearest grocery store, notify you on local shopping areas and infrastructure.

The Home Search Process!

As soon as you begin actively searching for houses, your buyer’s agent will take care of arranging showing appointment times. Your agent should always accompany you to any home that you want to see. Touring the house provides you the opportunity to ask your agent questions that might not be obvious by simply looking at pictures online. These would be things like how old is the roof? How old is the air conditioning system? Are there any easements or lot restrictions I need to know about?

You Discovered The Perfect Home Now Let's write up an offer!

buyers agent in spring hill tn
When viewing lots of houses, you will likely find the one which meets your list and makes you forget about the others. You are ready to pull the trigger. Your buyer’s agent, according to your input and requirements, will write up an offer to purchase aka a purchase and sale agreement. It is important to remember that you do not have to pay exactly what the seller is asking and should offer based on recent comparable properties. You can request the inclusion of any and appliances, furniture, window coverings, or other property in the home that you need or would like to have. Needless to say, the seller also has the right to refuse or counter any or all of your requests.

When it has to do with reaching to the final purchase price, you will find that you will need to negotiate back and forth with the seller to come to terms at a price that’s acceptable to both parties. Your buyer’s agent should be very skilled at knowing how to negotiate on your behalf for the best possible Deal. If they are not it could end up costing you a good amount of money and possibly the home. This is why it is so important to have a 

My Offer is In What Comes Next?

Your offer has been accepted and you’re currently in what’s known as under contract status. This means your lender is finishing up your loan. You should have had a home inspection, and if the results were acceptable to you proceed. Your Realtor will remain on top of things for to make sure all is moving smoothly. It is very important for you to understand the affect your spending could have on your funding. Your pre-approval has been based on your budget and income. DO NOT BUY new vehicle, or anything that requires credit during the process, as well as applying for new credit cards, or buying new furniture. This can all be done after closing! This can cost you the home you are under contract for as, the lender may decide that you have Increased your debt burden to a degree where they cannot fund your loan safely. This is bad news and you want to make sure you are informed so this common mistake is avoided.

If you are considering a move to Nashville or the Middle Tennessee area, it is important to have a Strong Buyers Agent on your side. As you can see above a good Buyers Agent will help you navigate the complex real estate process, from finding the right home to making an offer and negotiating with sellers. We would be honored to serve as your Nashville Tn Buyers Agent and help you find the perfect home in this wonderful city. Please contact us today for more information!

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